In certain times, you may need a quick transfer flight from one location to your home. There might be emergencies, floods, earthquakes, pandemic restrictions and any other emergencies.

In those situations, if you need a business jet charter, Fly Jetz provides very suitable aircraft for your needs.

It provides time efficiency, fast, safe and secure travel for you and your team mates.

Time is very valuable asset in the world. To catch the time, we are here to provide the best available flights for you and your company.

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Apart from emergencies, you may need a private jet  flight to your destination. This could be with your friends, your team mates or for family transportation.

Fly Jetz provides private jet charter flight suits your needs.

The advantages of private flights are fast access to the airside, reliable transportation, less check-in procedures, easy immigration and quick security checks during your journey.

We will offer you the best available prices in the market with safe and secure flight operation.

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Generally for short travels, in city travels, this can be a very good solution to your fast transportation.

Air Taxi is very easy and more accessible, further enjoyable for a short air travel.

Due to traffic jam in big cities, instead of crossing the city center, air taxi can be a good solution over the crowded areas.

It gives you flexibility for your departure times, and further can be very convenient and efficient way of travelling.

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Apart from Jet Charters, we can provide helicopters for you special transportation from Point A to Point B regardless of needing airport.

This will give you more freedom and advantages without airport procedures. This creates easy and fast transportation for important daily events.

The benefit of flying with helicopter is that we can pick you up from a suitable location and land you to the destination of your choice.

This suit for the travel from airport to event locations, ski resorts, stadiums, etc.

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For the life threatening emergencies, there may be times to reach the victim very fast to save lives, then, the fastest means of transportation is air ambulance.

Air Ambulance is a specially designed and equipped aircraft or helicopter to reach the location and transport the patient immediately to the hospitals.

Air Ambulances are widely used for medical evacuations from some emergencies, accident locations or life threatening emergencies.

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