FlyJetz Owners and Team Member have been in aviation experience from flying to maintenance, sales and marketing, safety and security, aviation administration, financial management, international communication, crew management resources, flight limitations, weather conditions and risk analysis.

Helicopter Flights

Apart from Jet Charters, we can provide helicopters for you special transportation from Point A to Point B regardless of needing airport.

This will give you more freedom and advantages without airport procedures. This creates easy and fast transportation for important daily events.

More flexible than business jets in short routes and do not need any airport and runways to operate from.

Special Events – Actions

For outdoor and sports activities, helicopters are the best air transportation means for the group of people like to enjoy the weekend at the mountains.

In winter, what is the best transportation method? Surely, the helicopter. Some of our customers get helicopter from us for their transport to the ski resorts.

Helicopter are very well different from business jets, they can fly to anywhere and land and take off from almost any flat grounds, hotels, or designated locations.