FlyJetz Owners and Team Member have been in aviation experience from flying to maintenance, sales and marketing, safety and security, aviation administration, financial management, international communication, crew management resources, flight limitations, weather conditions and risk analysis.


Generally for short travels, in city travels, this can be a very good solution to your fast transportation.

Air Taxi is very easy and more accessible, further enjoyable for a short air travel.

Due to traffic jam in big cities, instead of crossing the city center, air taxi can be a good solution over the crowded areas.

It gives you flexibility for your departure times, and further can be very convenient and efficient way of travelling.


In aviation, safety is number one factor that all flight crew and maintenance take care about. 

Flight Crew is well experienced, checked and retrained regularly. This is not enough, we further check maintenance logs, regular technical controls and provide authorized technicians for the jets.

Not only our company is very serious about safety and security of the aircraft, our passengers, technicians and but Civil Aviation Authorities are regularly checking operation limits and maintenance operations as well.

Yes, it is much safer than any other transportation system in the world.