FlyJetz Owners and Team Member have been in aviation experience from flying to maintenance, sales and marketing, safety and security, aviation administration, financial management, international communication, crew management resources, flight limitations, weather conditions and risk analysis.


Fly Jetz can arrange and handle worldwide air cargo operations for your fast deliveries.

Sometimes, time matters and can be more critical. The cargo shipment may require special attention, carriage conditions and much more.

We can provide the cargo flights for import and export purposes, and humanitarian and governmental operations.

For medical cargo shipment, we can provide temperature controlled fast deliveries on per request.

Special Cargo

Due to high needs of air cargo aircraft, some of the passenger aircraft are widely used for special cargo loads.

As Covid19 affects all the countries and there is a need for safe, secure and fast deliveries for medical purposes.

We will take care of your request and find the best and very suitable aircrafts for your cargo shipment throughout Middle East and Europe.

We need to know your cargo needs, size, weights, packages, contents and distance of transportation. Then we can provide the suitable transportation cargo flight for the shipments.