FlyJetz Owners and Team Members have a variety of experiences:

FlyJetz Management Qualifications

 Aviation Administration

  Financial Management

  International Communication

  Public Relations

  Civil Aviation Procedures

  Relation to Public Authorities

Premium, High Class Jets Fleet

We offer premium services, from a full private jet charter experience to Aircraft Brokerage, Management, Consulting and so much more.

With the capability of such services we own, we go ahead of our competitors.

Customer service, flight safety, aviation security and social responsibility are just a few things that we pride in ourselves as a company.

We are providing an experience that our customers can be proud of.

Why Fly With Us?

Very simple, our teammates have been in aviation more 30 years. This includes military and civilian flight operations, air traffic operations, passenger flights, cargo flights, charter flights, helicopter and medical evacuation flights.

We have experience in the air and on the ground. Aviation is a very complicated system and really requires know-how and deep experience for safe and secure flight operations.

You will feel this when you fly with us and our charted flights. Check available full charter and empty leg flights from our web site.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leader in business jet services in the Turkey, Middle East and Africa in short term, and EMEA Region in the long run.

Due to pandemic conditions, we add more health check for our team and clean our aircrafts to protect both crew and our guest on the aircraft.

We regularly contact and check with authorities and keep our working procedures and conditions safe and secure for operational continuity.

Our Values

As we are aviator for more than three decades, we like to make good business first and profit comes in the second.

  • Safety First for our crew and guest on the aircraft.
  • Trust is important as Flight Safety.
  • Teamwork is our vital element of company.
  • Promise is our culture and deliver good service.

Our Mission

Aviation requires high tech staff and lots of procedures to conduct a safe and secure flights. Some of our mission items:

  • Flight safety and security are our priority while doing our business.
  • Provide good quality services.
  • Invest our staff and provide the best working environment.
  • Take care of our people and family members.
  • Keep good relationship all the stakeholders we work with.
  • We respect the environment and act accordingly.